What You Need to Know About Softwares

By: downloadmsoffice Admin

There are a lot of softwares that can be found anywhere in the internet - easily downloadable and ready for install. Softwares are files that are installed in a computer system and they serve for specific functions like calculate, translate, record, convert, present and the list goes on.


It’s very important that a computer user becomes careful on trusting the sources of these softwares since some can have malicious content with them and others even have been designed for identity theft and all other dishonest intents. Once a user is sure about the software that can be downloaded and installed, the steps in getting started is as easy as 1,2, 3.


1) Microsoft users are prompted to click ‘Open’ or ‘Run’ after having the software completely downloaded. For added protection, an admin access/password is sometimes asked to ensure that the user is the actual owner of the computer and is someone who is allowed.


2) You may also have the option to ‘Save’ the file first if you do not want to run it right away. This is safer since you have the chance to scan the software first and reject it if it poses a threat to the security of your computer system. The users are given this option so that they can perform some measures that can maintain safety in their computing activities.


3) Before installing a software, make sure to read first the system requirements it has. Downloadable softwares come with a .txt file of all its specs and requirements while those that are bought in computer shops have specs written on their cases. It never hurts to read so take time.


For you to be able to find out what software would work in your computer:

  1. a) Click on the ‘Start’ button
  2. b) Right click on Computer
  3. c) Click on Properties
  4. d) Under System, you can check the system type


Remember: It’s very important that your software is compatible with your Operating System architecture. A 64-bit processor in a computer can run 32-bit designed softwares but the other way around is not possible. Once you have checked these simple guidelines, you are now ready to enjoy your newly installed softwares and programs.


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