Is Your Microsoft Word in Protected View?

By: downloadmsoffice Admin

A friend told you she emailed you a party invite but refused to give the full details. She wanted to keep the suspense that’s why she did that and it made you reach to your PC so quickly. Now you had the email opened but the Word document just kept loading, for ages.


You were thinking it must be your internet so you tried checking the other websites. You find out, you are really connected to the internet but the Word document shows on its lower left - it’s on Protected View. Now before you even panic, you can calm down and catch your breath. We’re here to assist.


In order to get your Word or any other Office 2013 document out of the “Protected View,” do the following:

 1) Click on File,  scroll to Options

2) The Options window will pop up. On the lowermost left side, click Trust Center

3) Click Trust Center Settings box on the opposite side where you clicked Trust Center

4) Select Protected View and uncheck the options under it as you see applicable for you. Hit OK at the bottom right side.

5) Restart Word 2013 then re-open the document you want to check


See? There’s no need to panic. The Protected View was created to act as safeguard in case there are malicious and harmful attachments sent to us through the emails. Now that you know how to respond to cases like this, it’s time you tell your friends about it and hit like on our page for useful tips and great insights on MS Office.

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