Is your computer on a 32-bit or 64-bit processor?

By: downloadmsoffice Admin

In our home computers, there are 2 types of processors working hard so that what we want them to do, they are able to execute.


The early computers that we had, which came along with Operating Systems like Windows 95, 98 and XP, all have in them the 32-bit processors. As such, they are unable to operate a 64-bit system which is very common on the latest ones we have right now. OS’s like Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8 and the newly-released Windows 10 are working perfectly desirable in a 64-bit computing architecture.


A 32-bit processor (in a computer) can only work with 32-bit operating systems and softwares. While the 64-bit processors can run the ones worked on by their 32-bit counterparts, we may not be utilizing your system’s full potential according to Computerhope.


Not only compatibility, but also the computing architecture of our processor dictates the performance it is able to deliver. The higher bit between the 2, is able to perform calculations at faster speeds. That’s why engineering works, video editing and other graphically – inclined tasks would rather be done on a 64-bit system which comes easy on at least the dual core processors or higher.


For you to be able to find out what software would work in your computer:

1) Click on the ‘Start’ button

2) Right click on Computer

3) Click on Properties

4) Under System, you can check the system type


If you’re still running on Windows XP, you can do this:

1) Click on the ‘Start’ button

2) Right click on My Computer

3) Click on Properties

4) Under System, you can find "x64 Edition" if you’re running on 64-bit processors. If none, then what you have is a 32-bit.


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