How to Recover Your WiFi Network Password on Windows 10

By: downloadmsoffice Admin

You have upgraded to the new Windows 10 and with all the cramming and learning curve you are having with the new OS, you seem to have forgotten where to go to know or change your WiFi password. That’s because your best friend visited you, asked you for the WiFi password but you can’t remember it anymore. Well, allow us to make your life easier by following some simple instructions below.


For Windows 10:


1) Go to the lowermost part of your screen and look for the "radar" icon


2) Click on it and choose 'Open Network and Sharing Center"


3) Network and Sharing Center box opens. Go to this area: "View your active networks"


4) Look for "Connections" at the middle right side and click on the name of your WiFi connection


5) The Wireless Network Connection Status will appear. At the middle part of it, the longest rectangle button you can click is named: "Wireless Properties."


6) Upon clicking on "Wireless Properties," another box will open. There are 2 tabs that you can see, so you'll choose to click the "Security" tab


7) The last click you'll make to see the WiFi-password will be the "Show characters" tick box. Ticking it will reveal the password for your Wifi Network connection.


If you happen to have Windows 8.1, the steps are actually shorter. If you have Windows 7, the steps are pretty much identical to that of Windows 10. All of these operating systems are available for digital download on After placing your order, we will interact with you right away so that you can have your new OS installed and activated. Check out some of our good reads!

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