windows 7 basics guide


Getting into the basics is the basic when one is in the business of learning.


Learning about this operating system is made easy with David A. Cox’s Windows 7 basic guide tutorial online dated June 28, 2014.


In Cox’s tutorial, he highly recommends Windows 7 because it is basically being used for quite some time and is considered to be reliable.



Here are some of the basics when learning about Windows 7:


Hierarchy of files - This is basically an arrangement of files placing the most important on top. It can display the Drive C which is where your personal folder is created and stored. This is where you can find all your pictures, music, documents, etc.


Control Panel - This has all the settings that are connected to the entire computer.


Devices and Printers - This is where you should go if you want to connect a device or a printer to your computer.


All Programs - This is where a list of software within the computer is found. Right clicking on a software means you want to explore something ‘extra.’ Right clicking also allows you to create a list that is in alphabetical order. All you have to do is to right click on the ‘All Programs’ and organise the list.


You can always choose a program or go to a certain folder or file by simply typing a related keyword through the search bar which you can find as soon as you click the start button. Space is provided where you can type in your search.


Task Bar - It is where some of the most useful programs are found. Users can include the most used programs for easy access here.


As you continue using the product, you'd become more familiar with advanced keys and features. 


Windows 7 is available when you click here!



Image credit: Michael/Flickr