kaspersky antivirus for pc


The Internet has its share of bad and good, which is why it is essential to have the best security suite that can protect not just your devices but also your files and other personal effects. An effective antivirus software will safeguard your device from malware, Trojan, virus, spammers and the like.


There are now plenty of security and protection suites available in the market and Kaspersky is one of the most noted brands. Kaspersky is the first Russian company which was included in the rating of the top software companies all over the world and they are 2nd in rank for the best antivirus program.


Here are more reasons why Kaspersky antivirus for PC rocks:


Secured online transactions

Kaspersky has a feature which works like a virtual keyboard where security is automatically increased when a user enters their personal information like credit card numbers.


Virus disinfection

Disinfection is the process of removing a virus or any other malicious software from a file without having to delete or remove the infected file itself. This is a very useful process since users do not have to worry about losing the entire file if it gets infected with a virus. Most antivirus programs may delete the infected files to eliminate the virus which can be quite inconvenient if the user was not able to create a back-up.


Best protection against phishing

Phishing websites and attacks are quite common. Kaspersky can protect your devices from these malicious sites. Phishing sites are quite dangerous since they can get the users’ personal information and even hack their devices.


2-way firewall system

The Kaspersky 2-way firewall system is designed to protect a user from all types of online threats and attacks. Most default firewall systems are not fully equipped to provide utmost support but Kaspersky has made sure that users are safe whenever they are online.


Cloud Protection

Kaspersky Internet Security has introduced their own Cloud Protection where all the cloud users are notified if there are any new threats discovered from the web.


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Image by David Orban/Flickr