Microsoft Office 2016 for Mac

Using MS Office applications should be a breeze for those who have been familiar with these products on a PC. But what if you end up using Apple desktops or laptops such as the MacBook Pro or an iMac?


The PC to Mac shift could be due to a lot of reasons, including the possible curiosity on what makes the Mac better in terms of productivity in traditional document or spreadsheet work. Mac computers are normally ideal for graphics and video editing duties but that doesn’t mean that traditional office work cannot be done on Apple devices.


Thankfully, Microsoft has created a suite mainly for the Mac with the Microsoft Office 2016 for Mac. With that in mind, most of the basic features can be used on that MacBook or iMac of yours that should keep you up and going.


However, there could be some features missing so leave some room for that. With MS Office not originally designed for Mac devices, this is the closest you can use it to satisfy needs tied up in making life easier for the avid worker.


Features Available and Missing


Seeing that MS Office for Mac has been around ever since 2011, most of the important features are bound to be around. This includes the ever familiar interface, as well as the much talked about cloud storage support.


Speaking of cloud storage, be open though for some missing features like the Dropbox support. This means that for cloud storage users, you will still have to click on the Online Locations button by the open/save dialog box to properly select where to store that file.


The features absent seem to be more of the technical ones so in all, the basics will be around.


Just in case you still don’t have an MS Office for Mac, you can get hold of one over at in Home and Student or Home and Business versions. In fact you can even get hold of previous versions available in case you are not at ease yet with what Microsoft Office 2016 has to offer and at slashed prices at that.

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