The colossal Microsoft Lumia 950 is a 5.2 inch mobile device and is a Windows 10 smartphone that is currently targeting both iOS and Android enthusiasts alike for their dramatic conversions in case this gadget possesses all qualities both OS lovers are looking for in a gadget despite of its shocking price tag. Based on the keen observations of Techradar, it was undoubtedly impressed by the phone’s surprising features just like the Iris scanner and Continuum respectively, according to one of Techradar’s main man in the person of Joe Osborne.

Microsoft Lumia 950 Australia Review


Features and Review from Tech Blogs

“The Lumia 950's feature set speaks far louder for why you should buy one than if it were clad in an anodized aluminum shell. The screen is super sharp and vibrant, the camera looks to be one of the better phone snappers in 2015 and it's got gobs of storage.”

Additionally, Osborne has further pointed out that the stylish and yet innovative Microsoft Lumia 950 has an extraordinary feature like the Windows 10 Hello feature that mainly utilises an iris scanning technology to automatically unlock the phone in seconds. In his own opinion, this astonishing highlight of the mobile phone makes it a standout among the rest. Also, it’s “Help set Microsoft” mechanism will definitely leave any user in awe.

Meanwhile, the Continuum feature provides Microsoft Lumia 950 the ability to do the impossible. This has been undeniably proven by the fact that it can even perform similar to a personal computer by making use of a powerful and dynamic USB C-port.

On the contrary, Jessica Dolcourt of CNET is not in any way convinced that Microsoft Lumia 950 is extremely competitive in terms of its features. She said; "I do believe there are some people who will like the Lumia 950, which is good from a hardware perspective, if not terrific. I do enjoy Windows 10's visual update, even though it's a minor boost that doesn't add much substance, and the camera takes pleasing photos. Still, it's hard to recommend the 950 and all it represents."

In general, the highly-advanced Microsoft Lumia 950 must strongly prove its efficiency and  its concealed charm and charisma to millions of mobile phone users to become a hottest-selling communication gizmo of all time.


Microsoft Lumia 950 is powered by Windows 10. You can purchase this operating system here


image credit: Microsoft Store