microsoft hololens technology


The advent of technology has made a lot of things easier, thanks to innovative ideas such as the Microsoft HoloLens Technology.



Microsoft HoloLens Technology


Techies out there will gladly get their hands on a HoloLens. For those who have not yet encountered this technology, HoloLens is worn around the head as it resembles a pair of glasses built with a headset. It allows users to view and listen as they wear it,, much like the concept of 3D or 4D and virtual reality. With news on its release in 2016, HoloLens has so much to offer its users. Some of which are the following: 


For Gamers

Minecraft has made a mark in the gaming industry. It is a game which aims to build blocks for the fortress, buildings or for whatever you want to build. HoloLens allows the gamers to create a holographic arena where they basically build whatever they want and it is not limited to a screen but in the form of an actual arena.


For Scientists

Walking on Mars is made possible with HoloLens. It allows the wearer to actually step on the red planet and explore the area. It gives one the opportunity to take part of something that we consider impossible.


For Inventors

Creating something can be a challenge especially during its blueprint phase. However, with HoloLens, you get to create something by cutting through the blueprinting phase and actually creating it in three dimension form.


All these mentioned and more is made possible thanks to the Microsoft HoloLens technology. More is yet to be expected as many await the release of HoloLens.


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Image: YouTube thumbnail from a HoloLens related video of GamesHQMedia