Increasing productivity is a common concern for work and business. Whenever there’s an opportunity to cut the time to perform specific tasks, we grab it. Like when working on spreadsheets, you can speed up the process by clicking the Microsoft Excel shortcut keys. And here are some that are useful for entrepreneurs and employees alike:


Microsoft Excel Shortcut Keys



If you need to enter a new Excel worksheet, simply hold the SHIFT key + F11. You will notice that a new worksheet has been added to the left. You can then start working on the new sheet you created.  


CTRL + Grave accent key (`)

To show all the formulas you used to automatically perform computation on selected cells, hold down CTRL and click the grave accent key (`), which you can find on the left of the number 1 key and over the TAB key. You’ll notice that it changes the display of the spreadsheet but don’t worry because the content is still untouched.


CTRL + 0 and CTRL 9

In business, there will be cases when you will need to put certain column(s) out of the sight of your associates. Instead of going to “Format” then “Hide Columns,” just press down the CTRL key and strike 0 (zero). To hide rows, hold the CTRL key and hit 9.


ALT + =

To add up cells automatically, you do not have to go to where the “AutoSum” key is located. Select the cells that you need to compute then press ALT followed by the equal sign (=) and the next cell will show the total.



Most of the time, you are working on two or more workbooks to compare or check on some data. Rather than wasting your time clicking from one workbook to another, simply hold down the CTRL key and then TAB. Continue hitting TAB until you get to your desired workbook.


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