microsoft cortana personal assistantMicrosoft remains to be a bigwig in software development, despite the fact that it costs millions of dollars to be proudly recognised as a noble and worth spending endeavour. The undisputed firm has gloriously introduced the Microsoft Cortana personal assistant.  This is the latest primal booster of Windows 10, which has been perfectly conglomerated with a more intensified focus on the so-called cross platform services and its related applications.  Historically, it is especially designed for a Windows operated phone. However, it was painstakingly enhanced with the highest degree of human perfection because it has dramatically and swiftly evolved in order to provide a hassle-free connection for Windows 10 personal computers and those popular smartphones which are dynamically run on Android and iOS.


The much awaited pilot testing of the Cortana digital assistant made waves in China and US just a few months back. Beneficially, these terrific applications allow a user of Windows 10 to conduct file sharing across the innovative mediums of communications such as personal computers, iPhones and Android mobile phones.  Accordingly, it is said to be more powerful as compared to its closest rivals in today’s markets.


To resolve, Microsoft has strongly established an alliance with Cyanogen.  As expected, it turned out to be a fruitful outcome and achievement between the two parties.  One of the nicest things about this very revealing application is the undeniable fact that it will definitely improve the competence and reliability of both Androids and iOS in monitoring parcels, flights, interests and those sudden changes in weather conditions that can gravely affect one’s daily routine.


In so far as Cyanogen is concerned, it is duty bound to support a striking feature that is known as the “Hey Cortana feature” that activates this awesome digital assistant just by the tone of your voice. Furthermore, a Cyanogen integrated approach has paved the way for Cortana to automatically toggle the power option of a given device and to switch on a quiet mode feature which goes in perfect synchronisation with other impressive features of a chosen system that fits your needs.


Microsoft’s Cortana has unanimously gained positive feeds among its first time users which inspire the company to continue with their major technological breakthroughs so everyone will be able to accomplish their diverse undertakings which had been previously ascribed as NEXT TO IMPOSSSIBLE.


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Image credit: Microsoft