Developer Nick Lee implemented his interesting thought to run Windows 95 on Apple Watch. Lee put a lot of effort on the experiment and made it work. He recorded the whole process and posted on Youtube to prove the possibility to fit a 20 years old operating system in just a 1.7 inch screen.

Lee decided to act upon his guess to see whether or not he can run the Windows 95 into the Apple Watch, within the limited format of 520 MHz processor, ½ gig of RAM and 8GB of storage.  

The transformation wasn’t a speedy process, it certainly takes an hour to boot. The fun assumption has proved however it’s not quite usable in such a tiny screen.

This is not Lee’s first time to shoehorned a vintage operating system onto an Apple Watch. Running a OS 7.5.5 into the watch was his first triumph.

Lee told MacRumors this time, he had used a slightly different way to reinforce the old OS into watch, he had loaded his own app code and patched some files within the Apple’s WatchKit app instead.

From Windows 95 to Windows 7, Windows 8.1 and now Windows 10, shouldn’t we be amazed how fast the OS has improved!


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