microsoft office for ipad


There are instances when you are using Microsoft Office for iPad and you observe that it is quite impossible to send Microsoft Office files directly to another mobile application using Word, Excel or PowerPoint format. The only way to do so is to endure a very long process of conversion.  For example, you will use Able2Extract mobile app to convert any MS Office file into an excellent quality PDF file on your iPad. This will take some time before you can send it to another application.


The easiest way to send Office files to your iPad is to ensure that you have saved your files to your personal OneDrive account each time you create documents in Powerpoint, Excel, and Word for iPad.  To do so, see to it that you have first downloaded the OneDrive mobile application for your own iPad. OneDrive is a hosting service that lets users synchronise their files and access these later from their mobile device or web browser.  With that, you can now start sending your office files to another application using the OneDrive application.  You can also delete files using this application anywhere and anytime. 



How to Send Office Files from iPad to Another App


Start the process by locating the ellipsis on the bottom right corner portion and then tap it.  Then, you will see the menu option. lLook for “Open in Another Account” then tap the option. After doing so, your screen will provide you a lists of different apps which you can utilise in order to send Office files to another app such as a different Office app, Adobe, and Able2Extract App.  Just choose your preferred application by tapping the icon accordingly and sending will begin immediately. 


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