how to install windows 8 from usb


There are so several ways to install operating systems such as Windows 8. Installing it from a USB is definitely one of the most reliable options. Fortunately, doing so is easy and you need not be techy or waste too much time when you encounter the usual complications associated with other options. 



Here’s how to do it. There are four (4 ) processes involved but don't worry as each step takes only minutes. 



Creating Your Windows 8 ISO

First, you need to download a burning tool so  you can copy ISO which is an image stored in the system in order to make your USB bootable to other devices.  There are many free burning software that you can source online. Open the burning program and find create image or copy image and look for the source drive. Next,  save your ISO file; ensure that your USB has enough memory to store as ISO file is quite large.


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Create a Bootable Drive

Begin this process by locating the save file of your ISO.  Click either create to DVD or USB or choose the latter. The system will format the USB before it begins to copy the files.


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Creating the Bootable USB Drive

In order to boot from USB, you need to open the BIOS first using F12, F10, F2, or Del buttons depending on the manufacturer or brand of your computer. Reset and alter the boot device to USB and ensure that it is inserted.  Save the changes that you made and the system will automatically install once the Windows logo disappears after clicking OK.



Install Windows 8

After clicking OK, installation begins and you will be asked to choose the language, date, time, and so and so forth.  Just click on appropriate choices and follow the graphic user interface guide on the Windows 8 installation process. You will be asked to load the product key, accept terms and conditions, and other usual program or software installation procedures.


That’s it! You now have a bootable USB which you can use to reboot other computing devices!


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Download Windows 8.1 here!


Image from this CNET YouTube video