microsoft edge start page


The start page is what shows when you open your Microsoft Edge browser. What you will see can either be the start page, a blank page or a custom page. This all depends on the default setting or what you have programmed your browser to do. Fortunately, you can choose how the Microsoft Edge start page is displayed to you.


I can still recall what came up first upon opening the MS Edge browser on my Windows 10 powered laptop. The welcome screen shows a three point slide tutorial, giving you a glimpse of what you can do with the browser. The first slide says you can import bookmarks from other browsers. The second and third slide show features I like about Edge - Reading view (which transforms any web page into a clean version with no ads, videos, and anything that can slow it down) and Web Notes (which lets you write anything on a webpage as if you are doodling on a tablet).


You can change the way your Edge browser home page looks like. You may choose to change the default startup page by following the steps below:


  • Open then More actions (...) tab and click on Settings
  • Choose any of the following options under the Open with tab:


Start page. When you choose this option, Microsoft displays news on your home page just like the image on this post. This news is powered by MSN. 

New tab page. If you want Edge not to display anything on the start page, then choose this option.

Previous pages. When this option is chosen, your browser will load the pages you were viewing when last you closed it.

A specific page or pages. This option is perfect for displaying your favorite webpages on the start page. You can choose to display one or more custom pages. For example, you can choose to display Wikipedia, WordPress and Google as the home. To select a webpage of your choice, select Custom from the drop-down menu under a specific page or pages and then enter webpage of your own. 


Hint: You can choose the webpage you see first on the startup page by rearranging the custom webpages you have entered. To do this, navigate to the custom webpage settings page has shown above, and then drag things up and down in the list.


Microsoft Edge is available for all Windows 10 powered devices.


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