basic functions of onenote



Keep Your Data Backed Up


Imagine that you are going away on a vacation to a foreign country. While you are away, you lose your carry-on bag and with it are some of your personal belongings. It’s good that you use OneNote, because you have all of your travel plans and details right there on your phone. Now, you don’t have to waste your time away by trying to remember your itinerary and travel information.


How about if you spent all weekend working on a report for school or work? Everything is going to be great, and you are sure to impress with it. However, as you are heading out the door in the morning, you forget to actually take the report. Oh no! But wait, you wrote it on OneNote and it automatically synched to OneDrive. You can easily access it at school or work, and print up a copy. 


You can see how it makes sense to keep your notebooks synched up, instead of relying on an offline copy of them.



Speak to Your Phone


You can actually dictate your notes to the OneNote app on your smartphone. On a computer, you can record voice notes, but not on your mobile device. Instead, when you hold the little microphone button on your soft keyboard, your words will be automatically converted to written text.


That makes it a lot easier to search through your notes at a later date. Hey, that’s actually kind of like having your own secretary, right? Neat!



Take Unlimited Notes


Many other note services limit the amount of pages and notes you can actually create each month. That means that you generally have to subscribe to a “premium” account to do anything truly useful with them.


You can create an unlimited number of notes with OneNote, in case you were wondering. The only limit is the amount of hard drive space that you have to store them on your device.



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Image credit: Bernard Goldbach/Flickr