One of the unique reasons to upgrade to Windows 10 is the presence of apps that work with it. Just like your usual smartphone, it runs not only desktop applications installed the traditional way but also developer apps downloaded from the Windows Store.


Windows 10 offers to be promising in the apps area. In fact developers are hard-pressed to take advantage of the Windows 10 launch by doing their best to create apps they know thousands of Windows 10 users will find useful.




One such developer is Twitter. The social media company launched the cool new app in time with the Windows 10 roll out and content discovery is pretty big on the app. The “logged-out experience” will show you top tweets and media both within the app and in the live tiles. That means no need to sign in for you to be updated and gain instant access to what Twitter has to offer.



The Happening Now tab shows the latest trending tweets. We think that with this great feature, there’s so much content that a user can get. Having said that, we hope Twitter can develop a customization option based on the account holder’s interests since so much info can get someone drained in terms of user experience.




Other things you can do on Twitter app in Windows 10:

-          Upload up to four photos per tweet

-          Post animated GIF’s

-          Vine playback

-          Share photos privately via Direct Message


Fresh update on the app was released this week straight from the Windows blog including switching of multiple accounts within the app, direct messages for specific groups of people and the Quote Tweet feature which enables a “Tweeter” to comment on other people’s tweets.


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