With increase in number of unwanted invaders and malwares that can harm our computer, there is a need for reliable antivirus software. The software should be efficient enough to secure our machine and data against worms, viruses, Trojan horses and other malicious attacks. McAfee Internet Security is one such software which recently launched its 2015 version.


mcfee2McAfee internet security which is now owned by Intel was once Norton`s biggest rival in the business of security software. The 2015 version of this package provides comprehensive digital security with massive improvement in threat response and parental controls. The previous versions haven’t performed well in malware tests but under Intel`s umbrella its performance has improved significantly. With it you know that your PC is protected against online threats and viruses so you can enjoy downloading, socializing and shopping online without any worry.


McAfee Internet Security 2015 1year/1user


The interface is bold yet simple for even an inexperienced user. The settings area might confuse some as unimportant menus are hidden behind various settings. The unnecessary pop ups that cover most part of the screen at times can be frustrating.


The feature set is now quite broad and the best thing about the package is the parental controls. You can set restrictions for particular windows user accounts. Restricted access to specific time periods can be setup. You can get the detailed usage report of internet usage. It has also eliminated the hassle of managing passwords and usernames. Shredder tool makes sure to securely delete your files so that it is impossible to recover them later on if your hard disk is stolen or lost. This prevents the personal data from going in the hands of data thieves.  Another useful tool is vulnerability scanner which checks for the updates of softwares already installed on your machine. It spots missing updates and patches and then automatically installs windows updates.  


Though overall protection score of the package is around 89% which is worryingly low, it scores high in blocking malicious URL.  It also perfectly filters spam from web mail accounts. This can be counted as its bonus feature. Another high rated feature of this package is the online backup space of 1 GB which is provided by Mozy. You can save some of your important documents online. Though this space is very less but getting this as an add-on is delightful.


The Quick clean tool looks for redundant files on your system and deletes these to free disk space. It targets temporary files, recycle bin, browser cookies and cache files for this purpose. While the software offers decent features and plenty of useful tools, it can be naggy at times. It has issues in handling some of the legitimate softwares and USB disks. It sometimes blocks a piece of legitimate software without even asking the user.


McAfee internet security 2015 is rich in features and offers user delight as well in form of bonus features. It is undoubtedly effective in preventing phishing attempts and malwares.




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