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Our Team




 A Hands-On Manager.  He makes sure that the daily operation of the shop runs smoothly.

 He has great passion for technology. Sebastian enjoys watching movies, travelling and having to taste different kinds of food.










 Arlyn Pride herself as one of the teams Supervisor. She is diligent and proactive.

 She loves to cook, blogs, loves to sing and enjoys listening to music as a way to relieve stress.  And she surely enjoys playing with her 9-month old baby.

 Arlyn also loves to travel once in a while and go nature tripping. She's an animal lover and dreams to have a bigger house to be able to adopt more pets.










 Maria is tasked with the shop's social media and website content needs. She also performs SEO (search engine optimization) tasks at time.

 Maria loves movies, sound trip (music), books, tech, travel, and food.

 The sense of fulfillment after completing work tasks and sharing valuable information through written content and social media is what mainly inspires her to work; plus, the perks  (moolah!) and productive use of time (otherwise, she'd be like a lazy cat not doing anything if not working).










 Melvin is a certified tech support and work as Sales and Support representative and takes care of customer’s inquiry. 

 He loves playing basketball, watching movies, enjoys travelling, swimming at the beach and surfing the internet.

 He loves his family and takes care of his grandmother.









 Mike at your Service!

 A patient guy who loves learning new stuff.

 He enjoys watching TV series, movies and listening to music.  Speaking of music, when Mike is not fixing computers and helping out customers, you might spot him playing in a  band.  A completely different person when he starts grooving on stage.









 Alvin has always been an achiever; be it academics or professional life or sports or any other field in his life. He believes in success through hard work & dedication. His motto in life  is ‘If you want something, work hard & you will achieve it; there are no shot cuts’.

 He enjoys cycling, boxing, watch MMA and having great intellectual conversations on his free time.

 Alvin enjoys life to the fullest & loves humors. He is a progressive thinker & respect each person’s space & values.










Anne has a lot of interest in photography, trance music and enjoys travelling. When she has spare time, she spends it on doing DIY projects from Pinterest. She enjoys helping people and always keeps patience and calmness under pressure.












Jess is a gamer who plays almost all types of consoles out there. Loves watching anime and easy to hang out with. You can talk with him about anything and even if he is not familiar with the topic, He always finds his way to make the conversation interesting.
Beware: He may just be the most awesome person you’ll ever meet.


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